Centralis through its core values is committed to acting in an inclusive manner whilst taking care of our clients, local communities and ensuring environmental biodiversity.

Our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) approach provides a core foundation to our ongoing strategy and continued success of being a responsible employer in assisting our range of global clients.

As sustainability continues to increase in profile and urgency; both within the company and wider public consciousness.

Acting responsibly throughout our business operations is integral to our company vision.

We follow a broad and clear set of ESG policy commitments to ensure alignment with various regulatory standards & EU taxonomies, which helps us address the important challenges facing our society today.

Centralis is actively working towards incorporating ESG considerations throughout our company, and as a minimum requirement, we expect clients & suppliers to comply with all applicable laws and regulations in the countries in which they operate.

Our ESG framework covers a broad range of impact areas based on our core values, which include (but are not limited to):


Given the urgent nature of the climate crisis, we’ve been working harder than ever to do our part. Centralis is committed to reducing its environmental impact.

We've identified and baselined our global carbon emission footprint, and are now working on our journey to achieve net zero.

As part of our net zero journey, we embarked on a project to offset our carbon footprint in supporting individual subscriptions with Ecologi, to fund carbon reduction projects.

We are acutely aware of the global environmental challenges that we are facing in the coming years.

That is why we encourage our employees and our clients to identify and implement measures to reduce their environmental impact.

This includes being efficient with resources, conserving energy, preventing pollution and respecting nature.


The world has continued to present its share of challenges and uncertainty, but with that comes opportunity, and a strong sense of community and collaboration.

We have invested significantly across the company, embraced hybrid working and are constantly looking at how we can improve accessibility & remove subconscious bias at every level.

We operate as a community with our employees, clients, and local environments in each office location. Great things are achieved when we work together.

Our inclusive and progressive culture remains central to achieving our company’s future sustainable growth plans, with ensuring we foster a diverse workforce.

Through empowering all our employees, we strive to create diversity of thought and open communication to enable effective problem solving and continued innovation.

Key components of our social initiatives are:

  • Gender, Race & Ethnicity Balance: with greater representation across all the company’s organisation hierarchy
  • Pay gap performance: track and demonstrate continued accountability in closing any discrepancy
  • Tackling social taboos within the work environment: for example ‘Menopause Awareness’ with a range of Centralis employees attending training by Bloody Good Employers, explaining its impact, symptoms and how we can support people going through it
  • LGBT+: provide an open work environment where all identities are accepted
  • Social Mobility: encouraging access to individuals from all backgrounds both inside & outside the company. Centralis participation in Leadership Through Sport & Business Charity is designed provide an environment where potential and talent should determine success vs. socio-economic background or schooling. We also actively support all of our employees to participate in community & charity volunteering initiatives on a regular basis, that suits their personal objectives.
  • Mental & Physical wellbeing: promoting healthy lifestyle and raising awareness of visible and invisible disabilities. Centralis signed the Mindful Business Charter, reinforcing our longstanding commitment to healthier, more effective ways of working, designed to reduce avoidable stress, promote wellbeing and improve mental health. By adopting the Charter we're committing to help our people deliver excellence while removing avoidable workplace stress to help them feel happier, more valued, and positive at work. This is further supported by the adoption of Plumm throughout the company, in order to provide a “safe space” support for all our employees and regular nutrition workshops

We are an equal opportunities employer, and proactively provide learning & development opportunities for all our employees, so all can thrive in their respective roles.

Through our ‘GoodHabitz’ learning portal, colleagues can access topics over 900 courses that are important to them when convenient. We're also mindful of ensuring that we design and deliver face-to-face programmes that match various learning styles, so that everyone feels comfortable, engaged and happy to participate in the sessions.

We abide by all internationally proclaimed Human & Labor Rights and do not tolerate unfair, discriminatory, illegal, or immoral work practices within our company.


Centralis actively promotes good corporate governance throughout the company, with the adoption of a robust internal control system that abides strictly with Anti-bribery & corruption international laws.

All internal processes are designed to manage and monitor the activities of the company towards the achievement of its objectives in a responsible and transparent trustworthy manner for our employees & clients.

Centralis upholds strict privacy of our customers, complying at all times with data protection laws of the countries in which we operate.

In addition, Centralis consciously does not enter into partnerships or purchase goods or services from suppliers that violate international or national laws across human & labor rights, environmental regulation or anti-corruption.

“I'm proud of our achievements to date, and the continued progress we are making as a company with all our employees playing a pivotal role, as we share a collective responsibility towards addressing many pressing issues faced by the world in which Centralis operates in. We are still on a journey to improve, but together with conscious continued efforts we can create a brighter & more sustainable future”.

Aidan Foley (Centralis CEO)

We hope you're inspired by our initiatives, and please get in touch to see how you can help us make a difference!